Tuesday, July 3, 2007

a new wave of Beatniks is forming

Finally - the Beat has found a rythm in the walls of Sainte-Anne. University, that is.
Mr. Williams, broadcasting from far away, teaching us about the Beatniks and the importance of these dudes.
Sure, they may not exactly have everything to do with Bob Dylan..but they were friends. If that counts. lol. The influence Ginsberg and Kerouac had on our little but great Bob is tremendous and cannot be ignored. What, at times, characterized Dylan's music were his subjects; the ways he used to push those ideas forward were with his words. Well - explanation found when looking at the Beats. A free-flow of thoughts urged the beatniks to spill unto their pages what they really felt and thought.
Truth is :
The Beats are often ignored.
They were a small group, sure.
A friend of mine, a great fan of music, told me he'd never heard of Ginsbergs or of this 'Beat' stuff. As a fan of The Doors..little did he know about Morisson's relationship with the Beat poets.
Anyways, all for now.

"I believe that we are put here in human form to decipher the hieroglyphs of love and suffering. And, there is no degree of love or intensity of feeling that does not bring with it the possibility of a crippling hurt. But, it is a duty to take that risk and love without reserve or defense." Ginsberg, the man.