Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kisatchie National Forest, LA : a weekend of lessons

I finally got to go camping in Louisiana, during Easter weekend at Kisatchie National Forest. Boasting more than 600 000 acres, this place was sure to tickle my camping fancy. There's not much I enjoy more than camping out in the wilderness. Forget the well laid-out campgrounds. I want to be in the middle of nowhere, where I can find myself once again. I want to hear the wind in the trees and the birds (and the bees). After a rough couple weeks of unexpected news (which is always followed by questions of: what do I want in life?, etc) this retreat was needed. Hikes, gourmet camp food, hot sun, bugs, and yes - the Easter bunny found me out here!

The trees never seem to sleep. They watch over us as we drift off into slumber. Although I was very tired as I lay curled up in a sleeping bag, my mind suddenly became very clear, and I knew I had to write.

The full moon was lighting up the sky and creating beautiful silhouettes for me 
throught the tent's netting:

The forest is a desert
whose silence makes
the crickets blare
symphonies of
And forces you to look into
the cold shadows
of your heart.

Tree limbs stretched
out above your head
Not judging you but
patiently showing
you what you're
to ignore.
The moon 
watches you
over you
It can teach you
more enlightening things
about yourself
Than the Sun ever could
Because when the moon arrives
at night,
It shuts off the lights of the World
and achingly shines
its spotlight on your
Earthly self.
There's nowhere to hide
in the Darkness.
April 8th 2012. GT. Kisatchie.