Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Rain torpedoes

I’ve been contemplating something in my head all day (where else would I contemplate from? Puzzling) Bob Dylan says: « Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. » Of course I am going to think that’s genius. It’s so honest. Think about it. Imagine a cold, rainy October morning. Downpours are followed by yet another one. The humongous rain drops fall from the sky like torpedoes, splattering on the pavement and your windshield, the wipers barely able to do their job. By the time you run inside to your office, you’re drenched and you discover your waterproof mascara isn’t so waterproof at all. In any case, the chances that more then one of your co-workers will comment on how much they hate this weather is high and probable. Right? Right. I’ll admit to being one of those, too often. Now reverse all the way back to your childhood; remember the days when rain was fun? I do. I remember one summer, a warm summer rain falling and making the air smell so clean…I put on my bathing suit and jumped on our trampoline, in the rain. Dangerous, but fun nonetheless. See, back then, without all the anxieties of adult life and the daily stress of work and responsibility, I FELT the rain. I remember being in the car and watching as the drops collected on my window, falling slowly but gaining momentum as it gathered force with the other droplets. An army of H2O.

Is it too much to ask for most of us to change mentality and return to a place where we can feel the rain, feel the wind, feel the snow and feel life?