Monday, October 31, 2011

Hey friends,

Don't forget to check out my bucket list! (I really want to know what you all are yearning to do as well! leave comments! That would make my day)

Also, there's my 'Let's play nice' blog, where I recently posted a link to a great non-profit organization...that I think you should check out! 
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Hope you all have a safe and thrilling Halloween!

*Keeping the people in Thailand in my thoughts*

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Out of the Darkness walk

Saturday's Out of the Darkness walk was a success on so many different levels:

Emotionally - It was an important day for so many families who gathered to remember the ones they love. Pictures of the deceased adorned many of the personalized tshirts.
Financial Success - The money raised will be used in various ways. One of them is that they have implented programs in many of the schools in the Acadiana region to raise awareness and offer help to kids in need.
Awareness - the word suicide makes people uncomfortable. But it is indeed an illness, a mental illness, that is as real as cancer or other illnesses. The more people know about it, the less obscure it becomes, and the more they will be willing to learn about how to deal with those that need help.

I decided to walk in Jamie Hubley's memory, a 15-year old who after battling depression, ended his life not even 2 weeks ago. He'd also been bullied for being openly gay. I posted a picture of Jamie, a beautiful soul, on the 'Memory Wall':

Before they released the balloons, they named so many names of people that had committed suicide. Jamie's name was called.
I wrote "Be Free." in my balloon.

Here's to Jamie.

There's still time to donate to this cause, up until December. Follow this link if you want to (it's a secure site):

Monday, October 17, 2011


Things I learned at Festival Acadien et Créole this year:

- although we like to complain about the dust, it's a great conversation topic. People love to talk about it, whether about how much there is, and afterwards, about how when you blow your nose.. well you can imagine.
- I've added 2 guys on my list of: do not dance with them. ever. again.
- Wayne Toups and Steve Riley = good times.
- Even if you're 27 (me), many people still believe you're under the age of 21...
- Canadians enjoy alligator-on-a-stick and beignets a whole lot.
- this Festival is awesome because most of the Festival goers are in a great mood! (it does not matter wether this happiness is alcohol-induced or not)
- force yourself, using any strength you have left, to go to the Blue Moon afterwards, each night. it's worth it, even if you feel like a sardine.
- Monday comes around and you realize how much stuff you need to get done. Reality sets in. Sad times. It shall be a week of intense studying. If you need me, i'll be at a coffee shop somewhere in Lafayette.

Looking forward to the next one!

Cheers mes amis

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

So for now, here's what's up

Updates up the yazoo.
In case you care, I've scratched off a second item off my Bucket List (I fed a giraffe...twice!) You can check out my list here :)

Do you have a list?? I'd love to know about it. I find that having one has allowed me to live life with a 'let's do it!' attitude.

I've also got a Blog part deux on the go... Here's the first post. It's a blog about doing great things in this to make it a nicer, happier place!

Cheers friends! Remember to tell someone I love you today

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Autumn and decisions

I started this blog post a few weeks ago:

Takin’ life by the horns.

That sounds like a saying PETA would object… In any case, in our lifetime, we often find ourselves afraid of everything. We’re more afraid of things, people, events, than not. Except if you’re Bob Marley. Don’t worry…about a thing. Those kinds of cats exhude relaxation. Ignoring the possible help of a certain herbal supplement.

We are afraid of consequences; “If I make this decision, maybe it’ll end up biting me in the...derrière.” Alright, so maybe that will happen. Maybe not. Nobody knows. Today’s society finds us all wrapped in a big blanket of anxiety, and stress.

I asked myself this week: if I had one year to live (I am aware of this seemingly overused philosophy), would I live differently? Think differently? We all know we would, but how to put this into action?

Step 1: Foregoing an assistantship in order to have a more peaceful frame of mind.

Life isn't meant to be really easy and all fun.
I want to chronicle how some of this goes. I think it would be fun if any of you would join along with me...maybe blog about it, let me know about it, or just leaving a comment.

For now, as leaves fall and autumn embraces us in a pumpkin-spiced word....let's be grateful for what we do have, and pray that the rest will fall into place.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

it's about Time and no Time.

I feel as though I'm about to write something really cliché.
Home. Love. Life. Decisions. FriendsFreedomFinances!! ...are but some thoughts I am having.
I'm near the crossroads ya'll and it's scary.
Afraid of disappointment. Disappointing me? Others? Who?
Do I stay in the USA? Do I go back to school right after I graduate from my MA.? Do I travel?
Will I find love?!
What would Kerouac do?

poem. Time.

What are Thoughts
what are Awakenings
what is the truth.
What is the right
to do.

Who says what decision is right
and who is right to make the decision
They are but our longings wants
needs desires
There is no right thing to do because
life is a million causes and
of which we have no control
And not being able to predict
the Future the only power we
have is the power to make
a Decision.
Right or right.
(Feb. 26.2011) .GT.