Monday, October 17, 2011


Things I learned at Festival Acadien et Créole this year:

- although we like to complain about the dust, it's a great conversation topic. People love to talk about it, whether about how much there is, and afterwards, about how when you blow your nose.. well you can imagine.
- I've added 2 guys on my list of: do not dance with them. ever. again.
- Wayne Toups and Steve Riley = good times.
- Even if you're 27 (me), many people still believe you're under the age of 21...
- Canadians enjoy alligator-on-a-stick and beignets a whole lot.
- this Festival is awesome because most of the Festival goers are in a great mood! (it does not matter wether this happiness is alcohol-induced or not)
- force yourself, using any strength you have left, to go to the Blue Moon afterwards, each night. it's worth it, even if you feel like a sardine.
- Monday comes around and you realize how much stuff you need to get done. Reality sets in. Sad times. It shall be a week of intense studying. If you need me, i'll be at a coffee shop somewhere in Lafayette.

Looking forward to the next one!

Cheers mes amis

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