Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mickey, you are...


People should never just vanish...

I address this to Mickey… but. it’s probably my way of dealing with this horrible situation. An attempt at understanding evil, understanding the impossible.

A Letter to the love shown by the people of Lafayette.
           A Letter to Mickey.

Dear Mickey, whom I’ve never met, I think about you all the time.
          I wonder if we’ve crossed paths in town before, at school perhaps? Or maybe on our bikes. What does this mean? Maybe nothing at all. Or perhaps all of this self-reflection that many of us have undoubtedly been feeling in the last couple weeks does mean something; maybe it means everything.  Maybe, just maybe, we’ll look at the people around us a little differently. Maybe we’ll pay more attention.

Dear Mickey, I see myself in you. I think you’ve captivated everyone for many reasons; there’s a purity that gleams in your eyes, an easy-kind-of-freedom that radiates from your smile.

You are our daughters and our best friends. You are the butterfly that tickles a little girl’s nose.

The fact is we’ve all grown throughout this ordeal. We’ve learned about ourselves, about the precariousness of life. Maybe most importantly, we’ve learned to grow as a community.

I close my eyes and I send you my love, wherever you are, Mickey.

Love, me.