Thursday, September 4, 2008

Urban Bag of Bones

restrictions and constrictions
do this do that
no don’t and stop!
confusion sets in as I wander this asphalt jungle
clarity is stuck in that latte
and in that CEO

Politics is the new Hollywood
in things, fads, trends, fashion
Obama shirts à la Che
next to the Ramones
Let’s Go.

The World’s People is
One Big Dysfunctional family
Nobody will
pass the gravy
to thy neighbour.
Backstabbing, greedy, needy
But Dr. Phil said so.

unsaturated stained glass world
Don’t expect yet except this acceptance

We’re all bag of bones
Whatcha’ think your soul is?
Is it a rainbow
the miraculous
Grins, embrace, love,
faith or fate?
mine is honey
Positivism sticks
Maybe my soul’s crazy glue.