Thursday, January 26, 2012

Surprise!'s Life.

Life as a Surprise.
Some people will surprise you in good ways, and unfortunately, others will surprise you in very bad ways, something you would never have expected from them.
It may throw you on the ground, and you may feel as though the dust inhibits you from breathing and from properly seeing the world spinning around you.
Just wait for the dust to settle. It'll come in a day, a week, maybe a month. But it will come.
And when it does, you will lift yourself off of the ground, and you will find a new, beautiful path that you had never seen before. Maybe you will hop on a train and end up somewhere new. Or maybe you'll stay somewhere familiar, as strong as ever.
Nevertheless, just hold on to that invisible thing that is Hope. It'll get you through anything my dears.

ps: and if not, eat dark chocolate and drink coffee.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alone in Learning

You don't expect that the people you love in your life may not always be there, especially by choice. But it happens. 
They will shock you.
And you try to deal with it best you can. Even if it means serious workouts followed by eating dark chocolate while watching comedies from the 80's. And hugs from your friends. Many of those. Because sometimes the tears are going to fall even if you hate that you've been reduced to that, but the hugs make you feel less alone. We're only human.
So this brings me to the thought I have in my mind this week: being alone.

I think I've been waiting a while to find someone that would want to experience life with me. Someone that genuinely would enjoy going on my sometimes silly adventures.

But what if I can't find someone willing to do that with me?
I'm going to have to plan on doing these things alone.

I have a Bucket List with over 40 entries. I'm sure that list will grow to exceed 100. It gives me satisfaction to scratch off one more thing accomplished. 
I've decided to make a list of some of those things that I want to do this year. I can't wait for that impossible person to join me. So far, I am going to:
  •  skydive
  •  Finish Masters degree
  •  a trip to Alberta
  •  Go to Italy to study here ( (may be far-fetched, but I'm going to try my best)
  •  Yoga outside at Sunset & at Sunrise
  •  lots & lots of camping and hiking
  •  purchase a DSLR