Tuesday, March 8, 2011

it's about Time and no Time.

I feel as though I'm about to write something really cliché.
Home. Love. Life. Decisions. FriendsFreedomFinances!! ...are but some thoughts I am having.
I'm near the crossroads ya'll and it's scary.
Afraid of disappointment. Disappointing me? Others? Who?
Do I stay in the USA? Do I go back to school right after I graduate from my MA.? Do I travel?
Will I find love?!
What would Kerouac do?

poem. Time.

What are Thoughts
what are Awakenings
what is the truth.
What is the right
to do.

Who says what decision is right
and who is right to make the decision
They are but our longings wants
needs desires
There is no right thing to do because
life is a million causes and
of which we have no control
And not being able to predict
the Future the only power we
have is the power to make
a Decision.
Right or right.
(Feb. 26.2011) .GT.

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