Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The wonderful world of Dylan addicts. among others.

A really goofy grin spreads across my face. I try my hardest to stop it. But it's inevitable. The smile, followed by the laugh, will come. No stoping it. It's a Tsunami of happiness, my friends.
What is going on here? you may ask...
4 words: Bob Dylan's 115th Dream.
Yve, you know what I'm talking about.
This song is my favorite drug, my happy pill. I prescribe it to everyone.
There is sheer genius that lives in that song. Bob Dylan, the Creator (my friend Yvette and I, who have adopted a new religion based on the writings of Bob, now exclain Oh my Bob! Instead of the overused Oh my God, or OMG in the new-age MSN talk...), wonderfully shows his personality in this song. I think so anyways.
So please, everyone, find this song (perhaps.. 'downloading?') and listen to it, many times. Look at the lyrics (

**Here are some of my favorite sections of the song**

The start:
" I was riding on the Mayflower
When I thought I spied some land..."


This is great, but why? Listen to the song and you'll know why. The recording actually has Bob bursting out in laughter. It's so real. the song continues, after a few brief moments of laughing, with Bob saying "Ok, take 2."

"Just then this cop comes down the street

Crazy as a loon.
He throw us all in jail

For carryin' harpoons."


I love the rhyming, and the content is hilarious! So, we have Bob, in his dream, where he thinks he's found this so-called 'America'. A new land? nope. obviously, because there's police there already. Agh..the law. I can picture Bob, his hair blowin' in the wind, with a harpoon resting on his right shoulder.wonderful. A folk-native in crazy America.

" Just then the whole kitchen exploded
From boilin' fat
Food was flying everywhere
And I left without my hat"
After ordering some 'crêpes', the kitchen explodes? wow. that is entertainment. Poor Bob has lost his hat. I bet it was a fedora.

"Ran out to the street
When a bowling ball came down the road
And knocked me off my feet
A pay phone was ringing
It just about blew my mind
When I picked it up and said hello
This foot came through the line"
This is why he makes me laugh; I visualize what's happening so clearly. The bowling ball, to me, is oversized - think Indiana Jones. The foot-in-phone: MONTY PYTHON.

And now, for something completely different!

Well, not really. 'On a more serious note' would've been more appropriate.

You know how they say a work of literature (Shakespeare) is considered 'Great' if it survives the times? Well, let's take a look at Bob. His song 'Masters of War' is absolutely relevant to today's world situation. It could easily have been written this year. But it wasn't. Anyone who isn't a fan of Pres. Bush should listen to it. Today.



so last night I attended a poetry reading. Awesome, awesome event. Almost as awesome as the chocolate cake my mom makes sometimes. Yup - THAT awesome. So anyways, it was very inspiring. You know every now and then, you have these moments of realization? .. Something 'clicks' in your head. Something inside you has changed or evolved. Well last night was one of em'. I'm in my last year as an English major, on the brink of insanity. (oh wait - I'm already there.) Everyday I wake and think: What am I supposed to be doing? blah blah. (yeah, I say blah blah, because my mind tends to wander). And it's like this: I am a quirky individual (wrote an entire essay about this - if you're interested, i can share this with you, but it'll cost ya. just kidding.) I love writing because it's a way for me to explore my thoughts. If I made a movie with my thoughts, someone would surely look at me with a raised eyebrow. For example, Yvette and I have thought about a Giant Muffin who walks around Sainte-Anne. And naked grapes.


But I think it's fabulous that I'm weird; I have so many fun thoughts, and let myself really think through them.

Am I rambling?

No wonder nobody is leaving any comments. what a strange blog.

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