Friday, July 9, 2010

Mossy adventures through time

Blogs have never been my strong point; I forget to update them. This week, I was reading a blog (not mine), and I was suddenly filled with ideas, inspiration. That happens to me sometimes when I read. Not often. But it is the Why to ‘why’ I love to write. It’s how I release those ideas.

The blog was Jader Bomb's, and she wrote about finding colored glass buried in the wood. As though she had tapped a magic wand on my head (preferably a sparkly one), I was transported back in time (the art of writing, my friend, is indeed the ultimate time machine). I was placed square in my grandma’s backyard, in the woods, underneath the canopy of tall pines, the ground a soft blanket of pine needle and moss. It’s another world there. As a child, I would often go play in there… the summer rays would create a great ambiance and the smell of the pine made me feel alive. Sometimes I would find old bottles, often broken, half-buried in the ground (how safe this was). I was tremendously excited to find these! I would picture my grandparents, in the ‘old days’, drinking from these bottles. I imagined young men sneaking a few brew… It was moments like those that were the golden moments of my childhood. Jader Bomb’s colored glass brought me there again.

Cheers yall. I hope you find yourself in great spirits tonight. and everyday. :)


Wintersleep_Girl said...

You are good at blogging. You got me started with mine. I write a lot of poems, a friend like you who inspires somebody like me is good at blogging. my poem about the lake. i compare it to sadness. The sadness i feel when i think about what i want with my life, it swoops upon me like a storm and then all of a sudden it goes away. Cleared to a beautiful sunny day. You taught me to hide my feelings in my poems, like "the Painter" except my painter is now <3<3 : ) but you've taught me a lot with blogging and writtin, so dont say you're not good because you're truly great at it, and if you can inspire one person, which you have, it has made a diffrence. You made a diffrence : )

Jaderbomb said...

Awe!! I am so very glad I could inspire you!!! That made my day! My mother is a writer and she is the same way. She can see a stick of gum and she will pull a GREAT story out of her head that you could not believe!!!! Don't forget you still get a painting!!! LOL