Saturday, February 4, 2012

Afternoon Groceries on my bike.

The splendor of a warm afternoon rain unearthed the beauty in the misty air as I rode my bike to the grocery store.
Pedalling allows me to glide through the world. Freer than most folks stuck in their cars. I feel closer to the trees. I feel every little bump below me. I hear things I'd never heard.
Time is no longer measured by anxious small moments that have deadlines so near you can taste them. Heart pounding and short breaths.
Time is measured by the endless possibility of tomorrow and of the upcoming year. Life is eternal. As long as you feel its Energy. The heart smiles and you breathe fully.
A little girl with hair so blond in a car with her mom stopped at the corner where I was waiting to cross. She was probably 12. Her shy gaze looked up at me, down at her lap, and back up at me. I smiled. She smiled back.
She was me at that age.

A glance in a mirror. 
What have I accomplished in 15 years? What have I endured?
I remembered who I was then, a girl that wanted to save the rainforests, play with monkeys. I was going to change the world. And by night I was a ninja.
Possibilities. Growing older closes doors that actually cannot be closed because all we have are windows. It's all about how you choose to see.

I wondered for a moment what the girl thought about me. 
Sometimes I feel so connected to my surroundings, it's as though I am them and they are me. Maybe that's why I have so much faith in others.
Easier to get hurt.
I'm so grateful that I get the chance to have a 'bike' kind of life. My days have movement.
Our lives are but a passing wind, from childhood to the last breath. I want to fill my days with love from now on.


Nicole said...

très beau! J'ai feelé la même chose l'autre jour sur ma bike. C'était la nuit, j'avais une babysitter, j'étais toute seule pi e'j feelais coumme une personne arneu...point une mère, point la femme à cheutzon...rinque une personne. C'était awesome! h'aime des bike.

Anonymous said...

J'aime ça! Je veux un bike asteur. Chu vendue! Quand j'étais jeune, je partais souvent en bike pour sortir, pour être seule, pour découvrir, pour oublier, mais itou, je prenais souvent le 4-wheeler à Papa pis je promenais dans les bois jusqu'à la côte. J'arrêtais dans un parc pis j'écoutais les sons de la nature, surtout les vagues, pis je gardais la lune. Dans l'hiver, quand il y avait une couche de neige, c'était magique! Je feelais free, forte. Hmmm, je crois que je vas vende ma car pis m'acheter une motorbike :)Carme

Gisele Theriault said...

Merci les femmes pour ces beaux commentaires!!! Nicole, ej comprends ça que tu veux dire about feeler comme une personne arneu, vraiment bien dit. Puis Carme, awesome souvenirs man!! :) :) c'est c'tes types de souvenirs là qui te remindons qui-ce que t'es vraiment xo