Saturday, February 11, 2012

Doobie Brothers Road Trip.

I was sitting in the library, not at « work », but working on my thesis. Well, in all honesty I was looking at my screen thinking intelligent thoughts about Acadie, while listening to Classic Rock. The Doobie Brother’s “China Grove” came on my Itunes. (go ahead, play it)

My foot started to tap. I possibly did some subtle air-guitar playing. Nonetheless, it put me in a good mood, as it usually does. I was transported to my dream land, a land where my dreams come true and everything's nice. Ah yes. I imagined me taking the road trip I’ve been meaning to take, across America. Summertime. Windows down, classic rock blaring, sticking my hand out and feeling the pressure of the air in and under my hand. Stopping in interesting towns. Eating interesting food. Laughing uncontrollably with fatigue. Almost running out of gas a few times. Sleeping in a tent, and once, at a cheap motel because it was raining too damn hard.
Lots of coffee cups in the backseat.

All of this ignites the flame that lights up who I really am.
Here's a picture of my 2 great friends, when we took a road trip to New Orleans last year... the dream continues, but the dream is now. I'm going to make my dreams come true. (apologies for sounding so cliché. actually, I'm not sorry. I'm proud of my clichéness). Leave a comment. About anything that makes your foot tap, or about your dreams. Be sappy with me, my  friends. Peace ;)

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Anonymous said...

I tap my foot to Creedence Clearwater Revival and I dream cross country micro busing on old film with a vinyl record soundtrack.